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Feb. Honoring Black Climbers In History

Celebrating Black History Month

At Ape Index, we hope to inspire a new generation of all races and ethnicities, particularly minority youth, to travel out into the natural world in search of adventure—and join in the movement to help protect it.  Statistically, only a small percentage of our nation’s population of color are participating in the outdoors according to the National Outdoor Leadership School. Outdoor participation rates among African Americans, and especially kids in that demographic, remain the lowest in the nation. The health and well being of our increasingly diverse population depend on their remaining active and engaging in nature.

The well being of our public lands is also tethered to people of color reconnecting to our wild places. By 2042, people of color will comprise the majority of the U.S. population. Americans of color are the future stewards of the extraordinary and wild lands we all cherish. As part of America’s up-and-coming majority, they will have a mounting influence on the protection of our wilderness. But without opportunities to experience our great outdoors or role models to inspire them to remain engaged in it, passionate voices from this increasingly diverse constituency won’t be heard.

We hope you will visit our display honoring black mountaineers and climbers in history!