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Working out with Coach Dustin

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Coach Dustin provides workout routines!

You can find Coach Dustin at Kids Climbing Club!  An avid coach, climber and all around great member of our climbing community Ape Index is thrilled that Dustin is providing some of his favorite training routines!

Coach Dustin calls these the Easy Workout Options

Team Point Race

2 – 3 teams will climb routes to earn points for their team.  Climbers may not climb the same problem twice, but members on the same team are allowed to climb it, in other words, NO REPEATS!

Teams will determine the point value for each route.  Points are awarded higher to lower based on number of moves achieved per problem.

30 minute exercise

Pretty Climbing/Slow Motion Climbing

Climbers will attempt to be SILENT on the wall on 5 -climbs of their choice.  Then they will do the same 5-climbs in slow motion, so basically moving at half the speed.  The stronger climbers should be able to integrate both disciplines during the whole exercise.  Stress their footwork and call them out when they make any noise.

20-30 minute exercise

Medium Workout

Left Foot Only/Right Foot Only – 3 Second Hovers

Climbers use 1-foot for footholds, the other foot will be used to flag, smear and balance.  During the 3-second hovers, climbers will hover above the hold they are reaching to with their hands for three Mississippis until they reach the top.  the climbers will pick 5-climbs to execute all 3 of these disciplines.

Hard Workout

4 x 4’s

Climbers will climb 4-climbs of their choice that are at their limit.  They will do this in 4-minutes, then they will get 4-minutes of rest. They repeat this 4-times.  Conditioning can be added in the rest.

Hello Kittys

Climbers pick a climb they cannot do; one that is above their limit.  They will attempt all the moves and if they fall, they will try the move 3-times, then move to the next hold.  They will rest for 2-minutes then repeat, they will do this 3-times.


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