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Stay Hydrated!

So how much water is enough?  You may have heard eight glasses of water a day is sufficient for a person’s daily intake but is that true?  Did you know that if you already thirsty then you are dehydrated?  Your brain is made up of 85% water, no wonder dehydration brings on the headaches.  Over 70% of your body is composed of water.  Lack of water can cause focus and memory issues, sleep issues anger, depression and more ugliness.

According to the Mayo clinic, the average adult loses 80 ml of water per day (not climbers, regular people).    Athletes lose up to 6%-10% of water through our climbing activities.  Think about what you are consuming, coffee and soda are diuretics, meaning they remove water from your body.  Consider that you should be replacing water that you lose through exercise, exertion – and oh yeah, it is about to be Summer in Phoenix again!  While you may need higher or lower amounts of water, it is up to us individually based on health, activity and other factors.

Drinking enough water helps to maintain healthy brain function, heart health and every system in your body.  Water gives your brain the electrical energy required for all brain functions.  Enough water allows you to be more focused, experience greater clarity and creativity.  Focus clarity and creativity all help to improve your climbing skills!

Drinking water throughout the day allows for optimal brain function.  Studies show that being 1% dehydrated equals a 5% drop in cognitive function.  A 2% drop may cause fuzzy short term memory,  and focus problems.  So when you are getting ready to go out and Crush in the Arizona heat, bring more water than you think you need.  Bring sunscreen, chap stick and a cell phone just in case!  Tell people where you are going and go CRUSH!


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