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Join the Primate Co-op!

The Primate Coop is a great way to get connected to the climbing community, get strong, learn new techniques and climb for FREE!  What? Yes, free climbing.  A three month commitment to volunteer one Saturday a month and you climb for free during that time.  You get access to two buddy passes a visit at $14.00 per climber, quarterly clinics just for the Primate Coop, access to discounts through our vendors and climb outside with us!

On your one Saturday a month, you will help out with birthday parties, providing beta to new climbers, assisting with orientations and general help around the gym.

In addition to the one Saturday commitment, you can help out in other ways too.  Ape Index is gearing up for an event filled Summer and we want your help, ideas and commitment to participate.

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Learn more! Stop by the front desk.  Become part of the Co-op Today!

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