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Nerf War! It’s on BYONG

Bring your friends, your nerf guns and get to business!  We will set up areas of the gym for nerf wars starting at 6p.  We will run 20 minute war drills in different parts of the gym.  Be sure to mark your ammo so you can collect it at the end of the night!  There will be nerf safe zones for climbing only.   Remember to bring your eye protection, we have a limited supply for purchase.

14 and up battle on teams together.  Under 14 years old play on the kids teams.  We team up at 6:00 and the first kids war starts at 6:15. The first adult war starts at 6:45.

Bring a shirt you don’t mind wearing inside out, as this will designate our teams.

Games include: Capture the Flag, Capture the King, Hostage, Assassin and Team Deathmatch.  Come and join the fun!

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