Alex Puccio Technique Clinic

Learn from one of the BEST!

This clinic is a great opportunity for climbers to get
to the next level!

As climbers we all hit roadblocks and feel like we
plateau in our climbing abilities. Alex will identify
and correct your technical skills to climb smarter
and harder!

All skill levels are welcome!
September 14th & 15th
12pm – 2pm Class
4pm – 6pm Class

* Limited availability
* 15 spots per clinic
* Hands-on experience

Call Ape Index for
more information

Alex Puccio is a professional climber specializing in bouldering. She competes in climbing competitions and splits her time between climbing outdoor and indoor. She is known for being one of the strongest climbers of all time. She regularly participates in United States national championships and the IFSC world cups. She finished 3rd overall in the World Cup bouldering competition in 2011 and has won the American Bouldering Series eleven times