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Find the Hero in You! United Blood Services Blood Drive May 27

Join us for the Summer Drive to Save Lives!  Give blood on May 27th and be entered to win a 2018 Tiguan 2.0 T S!  Feel great about giving back to the community and literally saving lives!  Sign up at and click “give blood”. Enter Ape Index into the location field and then RockClimbing in the sponsor field.

Bring your identification on the day of the blood drive.  16 through 17 aged can donate with the permission of a parent on-site.

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Nerf War! It’s on BYONG

Bring your friends, your nerf guns and get to business!  We will set up areas of the gym for nerf wars starting at 6p.  We will run 20 minute war drills in different parts of the gym.  Be sure to mark your ammo so you can collect it at the end of the night!  There will be nerf safe zones for climbing only.   Remember to bring your eye protection, we have a limited supply for purchase.

14 and up battle on teams together.  Under 14 years old play on the kids teams.  We team up at 6:00 and the first kids war starts at 6:15. The first adult war starts at 6:45.

Bring a shirt you don’t mind wearing inside out, as this will designate our teams.

Games include: Capture the Flag, Capture the King, Hostage, Assassin and Team Deathmatch.  Come and join the fun!

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May the Fourth Be With You – Bouldering in the dark!

Join us for a Star Wars themed evening on Friday, May 4th! Costume contest, food tickets and bouldering in the dark!  Bring your headlamps, suit up as your favorite character and climb!  We will have food tickets and popcorn available!

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Join the Primate Co-op!

The Primate Coop is a great way to get connected to the climbing community, get strong, learn new techniques and climb for FREE!  What? Yes, free climbing.  A three month commitment to volunteer one Saturday a month and you climb for free during that time.  You get access to two buddy passes a visit at $14.00 per climber, quarterly clinics just for the Primate Coop, access to discounts through our vendors and climb outside with us!

On your one Saturday a month, you will help out with birthday parties, providing beta to new climbers, assisting with orientations and general help around the gym.

In addition to the one Saturday commitment, you can help out in other ways too.  Ape Index is gearing up for an event filled Summer and we want your help, ideas and commitment to participate.

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Learn more! Stop by the front desk.  Become part of the Co-op Today!

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Stay Hydrated!

So how much water is enough?  You may have heard eight glasses of water a day is sufficient for a person’s daily intake but is that true?  Did you know that if you already thirsty then you are dehydrated?  Your brain is made up of 85% water, no wonder dehydration brings on the headaches.  Over 70% of your body is composed of water.  Lack of water can cause focus and memory issues, sleep issues anger, depression and more ugliness.

According to the Mayo clinic, the average adult loses 80 ml of water per day (not climbers, regular people).    Athletes lose up to 6%-10% of water through our climbing activities.  Think about what you are consuming, coffee and soda are diuretics, meaning they remove water from your body.  Consider that you should be replacing water that you lose through exercise, exertion – and oh yeah, it is about to be Summer in Phoenix again!  While you may need higher or lower amounts of water, it is up to us individually based on health, activity and other factors.

Drinking enough water helps to maintain healthy brain function, heart health and every system in your body.  Water gives your brain the electrical energy required for all brain functions.  Enough water allows you to be more focused, experience greater clarity and creativity.  Focus clarity and creativity all help to improve your climbing skills!

Drinking water throughout the day allows for optimal brain function.  Studies show that being 1% dehydrated equals a 5% drop in cognitive function.  A 2% drop may cause fuzzy short term memory,  and focus problems.  So when you are getting ready to go out and Crush in the Arizona heat, bring more water than you think you need.  Bring sunscreen, chap stick and a cell phone just in case!  Tell people where you are going and go CRUSH!


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