Youth Climbing Club and Team

Some kids are just natural climbers….

When kids climb they can set their own goals and keep pushing themselves to achieve more. Building self-esteem as they overcome challenges, developing trust and confidence in themselves and cheering on their friends allows our climbing kids to use the skills they develop climbing in other aspects of their lives.

Visit one of our classes to see for yourself how these kids interact, learn, develop, and strengthen. Watch how our friendly and supportive staff help them achieve their climbing goals. After one month in the youth climbing club, students are eligible to enroll on the youth climbing team where they can challenge themselves to compete against other climbers as they improve their skills and abilities.

We meet Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6p-8p; All ages from 6-18  are welcome to come.


Youth Climbing Club $90

Youth Climbing Team $195

Youth climb for free during their first Youth Climbing Club session (by appointment only. Call 623-242-9164)

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