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About Us

Ape Index focuses on safety through proper instruction, while offering everyone, from first time climbers to competitive athletes, an area to have fun and grow. We provide a safe and controlled facility where active, fun-seeking individuals can challenge themselves, learn climbing, and bond with the climbing community in a positive and nurturing environment. Whether you want to top rope, boulder or self-belay, we have it all.

For the safety of all of our climbers, first time visitors to Ape Index, regardless of experience, will go through a complete climbing orientation. If you already have experience belaying, a brief belay test is all that is necessary. Every person will need to sign a waiver. Click HERE to sign the waiver.

The owners have been teaching climbers and guiding outdoor expeditions since 1993. In March of 2008 we opened our first indoor climbing facility that houses the tallest walls in Arizona and unique climbing features, such as:

The Globe
The Pit
True High Ball Bouldering on a fully adjustable wall (0 – 45° overhang)
Weight training area
The Stalagtite
The Tunnel
Slack line
Campus board
Pull Bars

First time climbers having fun may just want to free climb without regard to routes and more experienced climbers working “routes” may want to view videos of selected “betas”.

We’ve created an environment where people can experience climbing on many levels; from the inexperienced one time climber, to the competing athlete. Come for fun, come to train on your own or in a skills based class, either way you won’t be disappointed.

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